Medical Information

Although there is still unfortunately no cure for CF, there are a variety of options to alleviate its symptoms and complications. However, the choice can leave patients and their parents highly confused.

Child Life Society offers expert advice, as well as referrals to top-of-the-line pulmonary specialists. The following are some of the most common treatments:

  • • Mucus-thinners – Medicine that thins mucus, making it easier to cough out.
  • • Antibiotics – Drugs that can kill or slow the growth of germs called bacteria. One commonly used CF drug is TOBI®, or “Tobramycin for Inhalation.”
  • • Anti-inflammatories – Drugs, like ibuprofen, help reduce inflammation or swelling of tissues in the body. People with CF have inflammation in their lungs. This is one cause of lung damage.
  • • Bronchodilators – Medicines that open the airways for easier breathing.

Caring for cystic fibrosis can be overwhelming.
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